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Over the past 20+ years we've delivered training and consultancy services on a broad range of security and risk management topics to private, corporate and government clients. The sections below provide examples of some, and whilst it is appreciated that not all are applicable to all clients, they stand as testament to our knowledge and experience.

Exploring the Streets


Providing simple yet effective techniques to keep you safe in all environments

  • Travel security - training and advice for corporate and government clients

  • Executive protection - delivery of hands-on services in high threat environments and implementation of global programs

  • Threats from extremists - monitoring of extremist activity and training for staff on how to minimise risks, take action if confronted in real life or online

  • Provision of advice on how to react in a terror or mass-casualty scenario

  • Surveillance awareness - including training on how threat actors select targets and plan operations - for commercial and government clients

Image by Loic Leray


Implementing tried and tested methodology applicable everywhere

  • Development and implementation of risk assessment processes for travel security, executive protection, site and cargo security

  • Development of a combined threat and risk assessment for close protection teams in complex post-conflict environments

  • Deployment to critical company sites or third party locations to conduct security risk assessments and develop a security concept to reduce identified risks to acceptable levels

Monitoring Room


Development, training and implementation of robust security intelligence services

  • Training on doctrine, methodology and tools for security intelligence for commercial and government clients

  • Management of a large international networked security intelligence team in post-conflict environments

In a Meeting


Building scalable, sustainable processes for resilience

  • A wealth of experience supporting and managing operation centres in complex post-conflict environments for commercial and government clients

  • Development, training and implementation of crisis management processes for corporate clients

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